Sysment Notebook (ELN)

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A web based ELN for traditional chemistry and biopharmaneutics

Looking for a desktop ELN solution?

Check Reaction Tool

Watch our presentation about using it, or try it out for free!

Watch more tutorials in our Presentations section, or try it out for free!

Using industry-standard components

Sysment Notebook uses Chemaxon JChem Base for internal calculations, Chemaxon Marvin for displaying traditional chemistry, and BioChemFusion Proteax for handling proteins – all in one package!

Use it from the cloud or host it yourself

Sysment Notebook can be used either through the internet (no installation needed!), or we can deploy a server to your organization – please contact us for details on deployment.

System requirements

  • PC environment
  • A browser (You already have it: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera…)
  • Java plugin (for Chemaxon Marvin)
  • Internet connection

Want to build an ELN tool into your own workflow?

Thousands of researchers use customized versions of Sysment Notebook. Its modular system allows us to integrate custom components in no time and low prices!

For inquiries on customization, please contact us.